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  • GoArmy Fall 2015

    Posted By: Veteran and Military Affairs, July 09, 2015
    GoArmyEd Fall 2015 REGISTRATION

    Registration for GoArmyEd students for Fall 2015 will open on July 7, 2015. The last day to register for a Fall course through the GoArmyEd portal will be August 18, 2015. Classes will start on August 19, 2015. You must be accepted for admission in order to register for coursework.


    Soldiers enrolled on the main University of Alabama campus began registration for Fall 2015 on March 31, 2015. Only registrations for Fall 2015 may be submitted starting on July 7th .

    Soldiers enrolling in CAMPUS COURSES must email Mr. James Shamlee when they have finalized their Fall schedules. Please do not email Mr. Shamlee to add your schedule information to the GoArmyEd portal until you know it is your final schedule. Please include your CWID in all correspondence. The courses from your schedule will be opened in the GoArmyEd portal. You must then submit the registration request through the portal. TA cannot be applied for the courses until they are submitted through the portal.


    Portal registration for distance GoArmyEd students will open on July 7th . The last day to register for Fall is August 18th. Classes will start on August 19th .

    GoArmyEd students who are enrolled in a distance degree program will complete all registration requests through the GoArmyEd portal. Distance students, DO NOT register in myBama.

    If you need a course that does not appear in the portal, please contact Mr. James Shamlee at or 800-467-0227. He will check to see if the course can be made available to you.


    Dropping a course in the GoArmyEd portal must be done before midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) on or before the date listed in the “Last Day to Drop for a Full Refund” field located on the class details page in the GoArmyEd portal. Dropping courses past this date will result in financial penalty. Should you drop or add a course on the campus, you will need to drop and add through the portal as well. You should contact Mr. James Shamlee (205) 348-0089 or 800-467-0227 before you drop or add any courses.


    Bills will be viewable at for Fall 2015 beginning July 20th . The payment deadline is August 8th for everyone registered prior to this date.
    You must pay all tuition due on your account by this date. If you cannot pay the entire amount due by the confirmation date, you may pay half of the amount and defer other half. There is a $30.00 deferment fee. If payment is not made by August 8th, your schedule will be canceled. If TA is not applied to your account in time to confirm your schedule, you must confirm your schedule on your own.

    Web payment on myBAMA may be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) or by web check. If you do not want to make a payment or confirm your schedule on the web, you may mail the required payment to The University of Alabama, Office of Student Receivables, Box 870120, Tuscaloosa, Al 35487-0120 or via telephone by calling (205) 348-4470 or (205) 348-5350.


    You must clear all prior balances and holds in order to confirm your schedule each term. You must also clear all GoArmyEd holds in order to submit a registration request through the portal. It is your responsibility to clear all GoArmyEd holds in order to utilize your TA.

    Please consider all upcoming deployments or field assignments before registering for coursework. Therefore, if you know that you will have a field assignment or other duties that will prevent you from working on coursework for an extended period of time; I strongly suggest that you not enroll for coursework during the Fall term.

    ** This email is being sent to all soldiers who have The University of Alabama (UA) as their home college. If you are no longer enrolled or interested in taking courses at UA, please disregard this email. If you would like to stop receiving these notifications, you will need to remove UA as your home college.

  • Fall 2015 Bama Dining Jobs

    Posted By: Veteran and Military Affairs, July 01, 2015
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  • Scholarship for Fall 2015!

    Posted By: Veteran and Military Affairs, July 01, 2015
    Goedeker’s Appliances Public Service Scholarship, available due July 31st! :